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Bishops Castle Film Society

Paterson - 13th Sept 2017

Jim Jarmusch, US, 2016, 113 m

The film follows a week in the life of bus driver Paterson (Adam Driver), who lives and works in the New Jersey town of the same name.  During his unremarkable daily routine he quietly observes the city, his passengers’ conversations and the people he meets in the bar he visits each evening, and in spare moments he writes poetry in a notebook he carries with him.  He is happily married to Laura (Golshifteh Farahani), whose imaginative plans and projects contrast with his quotidian life.  Encouraged by Laura, Paterson plans to make copies of his work with a view to publication, but when these plans go awry an unexpected and mysterious encounter generates a new beginning.

“[This film], one of the year’s best, inspires us to look closer at the world around us. Jarmusch’s quiet spellbinder is intentionally small.  It’s also a small miracle.” [Peter Travers, Rolling Stone, December 2016]
“Slowly but surely, the gentleness of [this] film steals up on you.”  [Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, November 2016]
“The film has incidents rather than plot... How Jarmusch …fills it with such calm and wisdom is a mystery with only one real answer: he’s an artist.”  [Tim Robey, The Telegraph, November 2016]

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