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Bishops Castle Film Society

Hummus! The Movie - 21st Mar 2018

Oren Rosenfeld, Israel, 2015, 72 m (+ AGM)


Three Israelis from very different backgrounds are brought together by their love for a common staple food - hummus. Jalil, a young Christian-Arab from Ramla who has taken over his family's hummus restaurant, struggles with the urge to forge his own path. Eliyahu is a former dread- locked vagrant turned Hasidic Jew, who opens a chain of successful kosher hummus restaurants.

Suheila, the only woman to own her own business in the Arab market, has won the Golden Pita Award for Best Hummus, beating 10 men to the title. Weaving together their stories, director Oren Rosenfeld tastefully demonstrates how food can positively affect our culture-and is even able to transcend religious and political divides.
from Jewish Film Festival 2017 at Lincoln Center, New York



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