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Bishops Castle Film Society

Frantz - 4th Apr 2018

Francois Ozon, Fr/Ger, 2016, 113m

'Frantz' opens in post war Germany, 1919 where Anna is stoically carrying on with life while mourning her fiancé, who has been killed. Frantz is dead before the story even starts, but his presence haunts everyone, not least his parents, Doctor and Mrs Hoffmeister with whom Anna now lives as the daughter-in-law they almost had.
Reports are circulating in the town that a young Frenchman has been spotted laying flowers atFrantz’s grave. This is Adrien, who clearly has a good reason for being there, though when he’s first confronted by Anna in the churchyard, he keeps his cards clasped tight to his heart.

His story – that he and Frantzwere friends in Paris, works as a salve on the Hoffmeisters’ broken hearts. The director has shot the film in austere black and white, but whenever Frantz’s memory flares up the frame flushes with colour, like lightly reddening cheeks.
Adrien starts to become a surrogate Frantz for Anna and the Hoffmeisters but the burning question is posed - is Adrien telling the whole truth about himself and Frantz.
By Robbie Colln. Daily Telegraph. May 2017


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