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Bishops Castle Film Society

Wildlife - 2019

Wildlife, Paul Dano, US, 2018, 118 mins

Wildlife is a directorial first by actor Paul Dano (Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood, War and Peace ). It is based on an early novel by the distinguished American writer Richard Ford. We are at the beginning of the 1960s and the subject of the film is a marriage break-up, as observed in a somewhat detached, unknowing mood by the couple’s teenage son, Joe.

The father (Jake Gyllenhall) has lost yet another job and goes off to join a team fighting forest fires in the Montana hills. His wife (Carey Mulligan) takes up with a local businessman in what seems an unlikely affair destined to fail. Events pan out in a typically Fordian way – the lives of ordinary people told slowly, calmly, with sparse dialogue and no great psychological dramas, but all the while creating a feeling of the unease and uncertainties of day-to–day life.
Paul Dano presents a visual masterpiece in his depiction of the vast Montana landscapes thanks to Diego García’s cinematography. Thematically, Wildlife depicts an America which is slowly emerging from its 1950s slumber of perfect family units and white picket fences, and into the bleak reality of financial strive and destitution amongst blue collar communities. A truly outstanding first foray into direction from a great actor and an impressive screenplay from both Kazan and Dano. 
(Linda Marric, Jewish Chronicle, Nov. 2018)

I thoroughly responded to this film and felt like I'd been pulled through a knothole when it was over. Everything seemed so authentic, the settings, the furniture, the streets. All the actors were perfect....my only complaint was that Mulligan was very hard to hear....I felt that I missed about 60% of her dialog, but it didn't seem to matter. You knew what she was going through anyhow.
(Audience member review, IMDB, Nov. 2018)



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