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Bishops Castle Film Society

The Square - 5 Dec 2018

dir Rubin Ostlund . Sw. 2017. 151m

The Force Majeure director returns with a thrillingly weird study of an art gallery director whose life goes into meltdown after his mobile phone is stolen. Ruben Ostlund’s sprawling and daringly surreal satire turns a contemporary art museum into a city-state of bizarre, dysfunctional and Ballardian strangeness. It is a place where one important person’s guilt infects an entire society with a creeping nervous breakdown, at once intensified and yet camouflaged by a notional belief in aesthetic non-conformism and provocative performance art.


This movie really brings some gobsmacking, weird and outrageous spectacle, with moments of pure, showstopping freakiness. But it sets out to make your jaw drop. And it succeeds. Christian, (Claes Bang), is the well-heeled director of a contemporary art museum: the very epitome of a stylish European, media professional and man about town. He wants and needs his gallery to make a splash. He hits on an idea called The Square, an enclosed space in which people are told to behave responsibly. In his search to track down his stolen mobile phone he has many strange encounters: Anne, (Elizabeth Moss) a TV interviewer, Julian, (Dominic West) a famous artist and Oleg, (Terry Notary) a performance artist.

‘Ostlund is taking clear aim at moneyed complacency, the pretensions of the gallery – haunting crowd and society’s indifference to the poor, but none of his targets are hard to hit. The strongest impact is made by Terry Notary as a half-naked, performance artist, who bounds into a gala dinner and goes ape’. (Anthony Lane, New Yorker.)



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