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Bishops Castle Film Society

Hotel Salvation - 10 Oct 2018

dir. Shubhashsh Bhutiani. Indian. 2016. 102m

77 year old Daya (Lalit Behl) believes that his dreams are telling him it’s his time to die. In order to achieve salvation he wishes his death to take place in the town of Varanasi on the Ganges. The stubborn Daya prevails upon his reluctant but dutiful son Rajiv (Adil Husssain), who is under intense pressure at work, to take time out to accompany him there, leaving Rajiv’s wife and daughter behind. The pair book into Hotel Salvation, an establishment devoted to people who, like Daya, have come to Varanasi to end their days.


While Rajiv tries through ‘phone calls to keep the lid on things at work and at home, he and his father both have time to examine their relationship to each other and to the ending of life. This is a gentle, beautifully filmed comedy-drama through which we learn not only about Daya’s family and the stories of fellow guests in Hotel Salvation, but also about the Hindu acceptance of death as a part of life, a process which requires thought, preparation and resolution.

“A leisurely, wise and ultimately affecting meditation on the benefits of letting go.” [Trevor Johnston, Time Out, August 2017]

“…[T]here’s a dreamy, trippy quality to the hazy cinematography and hypnotic music that makes you feel like you may have drunk one the marijuana-laced lassis that feature in the storyline.” [Leslie Felperin, The Guardian, August 2017]



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