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Bishops Castle Film Society

Mademoiselle Chambon - 4th March 2019

Mademoiselle Chambon
Stephane Brize, Fr, 2009, 101m

The simplest of stories can be elevated by first-rate acting and directing. Consider Stephane Brize's "Mademoiselle Chambon," a French film that achieves a subtle but devastating impact. It tells a familiar story of an extramarital romance, but what makes it unusual, especially among French films, is that the couple spend most of the movie fighting rather than surrendering to their attraction. A romantic classic with lots of classical music on the soundtrack.


Brize favors static compositions involving very long takes, and while such a
measured style can often be deadly, "Chambon" is riveting. This is partly
because of sharp, unexpected touches in the writing, while the characters burst out of stereotype in perfectly modulated performances.
As the relationships move toward a resolution, the tension builds expertly. The final sequence at a train station benefits from superb editing. By the end of this modest but compelling film, viewers are likely to feel at once drained and deeply satisfied.

Stephen Farber. The Hollywood Reporter. 2010




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